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Are you a childcare provider in Northern Virginia interested in building value for your children by offering yoga as an enrichment program? Look no further because I can help you. I am proud to offer our new mobile yoga program specifically designed with your daycare program in mind. I bring the studio your center and make it very easy for you to integrate kids yoga into your current curriculum, and I provide individual mats for each child. 

Yoga offers many Benefits to Help Create Calmer Children at both Home and School

  • Stress Management- Yoga helps equip children with tools that can help them manage stress and learn the ability to self-soothe during periods of negative emotions.
  • Present Moment Awareness- Yoga can help alleviate anxiety by helping a child to focus on mindfulness and stillness of thoughts.
  • Increased Concentration Mental Clarity- Yoga improves focus for children and helps children to learn to focus on a single task at hand.
  • Self-Confidence- Yoga is non-judgemental and allows children to participate at the level of their comfort.

Key Focus Domains for my Program

  • Literacy Development- Children learn through pre-literacy skills through the stories. They also learn how to work through emotions by learning how the characters work through situations in their story.
  • Executive Function- Mindfulness, breathing exercises, and a brief relaxing period where I reinforce the social/emotional values of the theme are incorporated into the story. I also have a game at the end that focuses on concentration, sensory development/stimulation, hand-eye coordination, relaxation, self-regulation, and fine/gross motor skills.
  • Social and Emotional Development- The classes are a fun way for preschool children to explore common issues such as communication, acceptance, frustration, anxiety, and honesty by integrating yoga postures into exciting adventures like trips through the jungle, underwater ocean dives, journeys around the world, and even missions to the moon. Each story involves an obstacle that the character must learn how to overcome. The children learn how to work through emotions by learning/helping the characters in the story.
  • Physical Development- Each class incorporates approximately 25 different yoga poses and many of them are repeated throughout the story. I work exclusively with the little ones and the class is very fast moving to keep them engaged.
  • Cognitive Development- We travel across the globe to meet our different characters and incorporate facts about the areas we visit of the types of animals we meet. Counting is involved throughout the story to help children prepare for the action poses. I also incorporate science into many of the games and activities after the story.
  • Creative Expression- My mentor was a professional actor, so my performance is very theatrical. I use a variety of tone, pitch, and movement to keep the children engaged. I also have relaxing music playing in the background and several yoga songs that I can incorporate into the activities

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