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About Me

Whole Child Development through Yoga, Stories, Games, and Mindfulness

Hello, my name is Stephanie (aka Miss Steffie). I am a certified children’s yoga instructor through Cosmic Kids and a 200 hour YTT through Breathe for Change. I teach a story based yoga program for young children in Northern Virginia childcare centers, local gyms, community centers, or other locations.

I use yoga, mindfulness, and stories to help prepare a strong social/emotional foundation for the demands young children will begin to encounter throughout their lives. Yoga is a wonderful activity that blends well with the natural ebb and flow of storytelling.

Youth today are under an incredible amount of pressure and as an educator, this program is very dear to my heart. I was an office manager for a wellness center and we were looking for a children’s yoga instructor that emphasized on the development of the whole child. We had many teenagers coming to us because of anxiety and self-esteem concerns, so our main goal with the program was to help children build a strong emotional foundation.

We knew the type of program we were looking for to meet the whole child development needs of the children, and I spend hours searching for the ideal curriculum. Unfortunately, when I finally found the perfect program I also learned there were no certified instructors in Northern Virginia that could come to our wellness center and teach the curriculum. I was a Pre-School/Pre-K teacher for several years prior and the love of this program became my passion, so I opted for certification with the hope to make a difference in the lives of children.

Below are just some of the many benefits for children:

  • Helping children with their physical, mental and emotional development
  • Improving their social skills and their fitness levels
  • Benefiting children with special educational needs
  • Improving concentration and learning to relax
  • Helping children develop agility, stamina, and flexibility